Jan 11 | Monday

Bruce Springsteen General Admission Lottery Procedure

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band General Admission Lottery Procedure
Please see details below regarding policies and procedures for the show's GA Lottery. The "lottery" 
allows holders of general admission tickets a random chance to enter the forward barricade area on 
the floor , closest to the stage. This is entirely optional and can be disregarded by GA ticket 
holders who do not wish to enter the lottery for a chance to be placed in the forward barricade.

1) On the day of the show, sequentially numbered wristbands will be distributed beginning at 
2:00PM. This will take place at Trib Total  Media gate on Centre    Ave.Wristbands will be 
distributed until
5:00PM. (After 5:00PM, additional lottery/floor wristbands will not be distributed until after 
doors are open)

2) Patrons must be present and in possession of their GA ticket to receive a wristband. Only one 
wristband per patron will be issued.

3) After the patron's ticket has been verified as a GA ticket. A wristband will be issued and 
affixed to the patron's wrist.

4) Anyone who receives a numbered wristband prior to doors, has an equal chance to be first in line 
to enter the Front Area. A wristband does not guarantee a place in the Front Area.

5) Patrons who have received a wristband may leave the premises. They must return by 5:00PM.

6) Patrons who received a wristband and are present for the drawing must be ready to enter the 
venue. This means they should not be carrying any prohibited items with them. e.g. backpacks/ large 
bags, cameras, recording devices etc...   If there are any questions regarding prohibited items, 
please check with venue   staff prior to the drawing.

7) A starting number will be randomly picked by a patron. This number will be announced at Trib 
Total Media  gate  on  Centre Ave.

8) The patron wearing the wristband that matches the starting number will be first in line. All 
participants are requested to remain in sequentia l order. Venue entry and security screening may 
begin as soon as immediately following the drawing. Patrons will be directed by tour and venue 
staff through this process.

9) All patrons with GA tickets and a wristband who wish to enter according to the lottery, need to 
remain present to be processed and escorted into the venue. Failure to be present for drawing, or 
not remaining throughout the lottery entry process will result in forfeiture of lottery  position.

1 O) Once inside the venue, a second wristband will be issued to identify those who are within the 
winning range. This  is  required to enter  the  Front  GA Area.